Another random person’s take on 2022 is the last thing you need right now, so I’ll save you from this. I just want to take a minute to make this a public journal about my 2022 and my upcoming 2023, hoping it contains something useful for you as well.

Personally, 2022 has been a fairly full year, both from a conceptual perspective and from a concrete one.

My plans for the future (which, to be clear, were never super detailed) saw major changes, due to new experiences I casually had the chance to have this year. This taught me how I always need to leave some space for sudden opportunities, problems and consequently turning points.

One thing I’m very proud of, is how open I’ve been with trying and putting effort into several things. While young, being curious is almost a must if you want to raise the probability of discovering things you might love, and that might make you happy in the future.

My 2022 saw me focused on challenging studying projects, multiple types of work projects, research, multiple ways of training, and surely some other thing I’m failing to recall now.

While this meant I didn’t fully commit to anything in particular, it was absolutely necessary for me. I understood a lot of things about what I like, what I want and what I’m good at, and this is more valuable – in my position – than giving my 100% to something I’m not convinced about.

I didn’t enter 2022 with a specific set of goals to focus on, and I find it coherent with what I just told.

But this phase is over now.

I’m going into 2023 with a much clearer mind (and much more at peace) than the previous time. I feel like jotting down a few things to focus on might be fun.

Nevertheless, I hate specific and super long lists of goals. I think they’re difficult to follow, and therefore lead to being frustrated, which is definitely far from what I am – or I guess everyone is – aiming for.

Let me try and share this 2023 “to-do list” without spoiling too much. I’d like to:

  • finish something I’m working on and let this something see the light
  • close this academic cycle, getting my MSc degree
  • share more unpolished content online about what I like and what I think
  • better track my finances and adjust my working and spending choices accordingly

I don’t want to expand on any of these now, they are generic enough not to hunt me, yet specific enough to keep me focused.

Hopefully we’ll talk about these points again sometime.

In the meantime, I’d love to share a few things I’m going to remember from my 2022:

  • my weekend in Milan in May
  • the effort I put into passing most of my first-year exams
  • my trip to Budapest in August, and my first time at Sziget Festival – absolutely lit experience
  • the frenetic couple of days spent in Rome in September
  • my brief stay in the wonderful Paris in November
  • all the time I’ve spent in the amazing city of Bari, which feels more and more like a second home to me
  • the shorter but warm moments I’ve been able to spend at home
  • the love of the people I’m lucky to have around me and the precious time spent with them

Here’s to more life in 2023.