Last night I found an interesting TED talk about AI.

It’s from Andrew Ng, one of the most famous experts in this field in the whole world (for good reasons).

He stated that today AI is still in the hands of priests. This means it’s still a tool mainly used by big tech and similar companies.

Usually we think that building machine learning models is a matter of ‘big’ data and datasets and that using them for small entities (like small businesses, or even individuals) is just impossible.

Andrew explained how this is false, and how in the near future we’ll be able to see AI in contexts that range from the restaurant we go to on saturday night, to the local clothing store.

If you’re interested, I highly suggest that you take a look.

This opens up a lot of possibilities, for instance for freelancers or agencies that might start offering AI services to small- to medium-sized companies that are simply skeptical today of how they can benefit them.