Some of the coolest things I watch and read online are pieces of content on projects built by smart people, live.

If you’re into tech and engineering, you’ve probably stumbled across some YouTube video of some pretty smart FAANG (MAANG?) software engineer building the ultimate side project because their normal job wasn’t enough. Relatable, ah?

This trend is taking more and more place across the tech community online, and I fully support it honestly.

The idea of building a product in public, testing it as soon as possible, collecting responses and feedback, iterating, seems like the perfect way of building a startup today - while also creating entertaining content for potentially loads of people to watch and enjoy.

Recently, I’ve followed Jedcal’s adventure while building RateMyDorm, a service that offers dorm reviews for American college students. I also watch Fireship’s content basically on a daily basis, and always remain shocked at the amount of ideas and the level of execution and excitement this guy has and is able to spark.

With more and more technologies and products being released, we’ve never had more opportunity to turn good ideas into potential businesses with real usefulness.

Could this not inspire me to do the same myself? I guess you know the answer.

From now(-ish) on, I’ll be working on an idea for an MVP to build in public through my different online channels.

With research, study, and consulting projects going on, lately I found it very hard to come up with content ideas for YouTube, for example, and this led to high procrastination levels. By itself this is not a problem, but I would really like to share more since I like doing it, so telling me I didn’t have time to do so just didn’t work out. Hopefully, documenting this journey can be smoother, since I “just” have to jot down what I do concretely.

Now, the fun part: what will this be about?

The short answer is that I don’t want to share too much right now. 😎

The longer one is that I had an old project I always wanted to make use of, and I think I now have a way to exploit it. It’s always been centered around innovation, so it might make sense to build some kind of innovation-oriented collaborative platform to accelerate ideas, projects, and problem solving tasks.

To be fair, I’d like this old project to be a central hub for all the activities I enjoy doing: consulting for external projects and companies, producing media content around interesting topics, building this platform, building more platforms around problems I want to contribute to at some point.

I’m not alone for this, so I think you will hear back very soon!

In the meantime, if you want, you can let me know about your opinion on this whole building in public thing.