I’ve used WordPress since 2014 probably. This means I’ve always been skeptical to try new technologies for blogs or personal websites.

Yet, recently I’ve met people and I’ve seen them use some tech that should be even easier than WordPress to set up and use: static site generators.

WordPress can be a toy or a powerful tool, it only depends on your skill level and your ability to go in depth with customizations.

Reading about static site generators, though, I immediately recognized them as more modern solutions to the problem of blogging or personal site generation—especially for busy people who just want to showcase things and share with the world without losing weeks, all while still knowing a thing or two about tech.

I saw quite some professionals and academics use Jekyll, but while it’s impressive, I went with Hugo, that proclaims to be the fastest framework among these.

Starting to look into Hugo’s themes, I found one I visually love: PaperMod, which is also one of the most loved ones by the community.

Extremely minimal, quite documented, very fast.

I started experimenting and voilà, here we have my old website in a new guise.

Hugo uses HTML-rendered Markdown files to create, edit and serve content to the web, and Markdown is both easy and fun.

Also, no more expensive hosting providers for my minimal and unpretentious website: Github Pages is more than enough and it’s the perfect solution to rapidly create and deploy new things online for me just through my Github repo.

Do you think this new setup will finally make it more likely that I publish more often?