I’m now testing some more or less convenient solutions to share posts here from my iPhone.

WordPress has a lot of tools for mobile, but since Hugo is more Github- and file-based, it seems a bit trickier to just write and share on the go.

Despite this, there are a few solutions. For now, I’m sticking to this one:

  1. I write in Apple Notes (with MD in mind)
  2. I run an Apple Shortcut that exports my note (I brand blog notes with a particular label), and saves it in a Working Copy (Git client for iOS) folder where I have my blog’s repo cloned
  3. I open Working Copy, commit and push

Not the most automated solution for now, but the ecosystem is not known as the most open, and the first tests didn’t expose a significant effort in following these 3 steps.

Anyway, I hope this is a tool to post more here. I’m liking the idea of publishing personal notes on various subjects on the blog more and more.

I’ll do my best!