Sometimes you encounter things that make you question your ability to think and judge.

Yesterday, I ended up watching a video from an Italian computer scientist, Mr Rip, about the fall of Roam Research.

I’ve been extremely curious about productivity – and especially note-taking tools – during the past few years. That’s why I stumbled across Roam many times, fortunately without falling for it.

I fell for Notion though.

Anyway, recently, I ditched Notion a couple of times, for Apple Notes.

I found that I used only basic features, so Notion wasn’t worth it for me.

But yesterday I questioned even Apple Notes.

Mr Rip showed a blog post from Derek Sivers, in which he told he only uses .txt files. What?!

2023, AI everywhere, super advanced features… And we should use .txt files? Hell no.

Except it only makes sense.

Companies go bankrupt, products get dismissed, people lose interest.

Choosing timeless solutions, today, has 3 advantages:

  • makes your work future-proof
  • makes everything frictionless, for simplicity
  • avoids exploring and studying new tools every quarter

Let’s stay away from shiny objects and focus on our work, which is a much more important and fulfilling thing.