You can download my CV from here.

My main interests are artificial intelligence and machine learning. I’m studying different areas/tools like recommender systems, causal inference, reinforcement learning, fairness, and conversational AI, especially in the health and social domains, where I think technology will play a huge role in the near future.

At the same time, I advise companies and professionals on AI, data, and media. Today’s tools can be game changers in terms of business opportunities and impact: my focus is on making sure that great realities sustainably grow and thrive, by taking full advantage of the current and future, rapidly-changing environment.

I also have a passion for thinking, talking, and sharing. This, combined with my tech and analytical background, led me to start sharing things in this hyperconnected world we live in today: I have multiple YouTube channels and websites where I share tips, thoughts, and lessons and connect with other amazing people. Visit both my Italian channel and my English one, and connect with me on LinkedIn and Twitter for more.

Short CV





  • Sub-Group Fairness Re-Ranker for RecSys: developed an optimization-based re-ranking system for post-processing fairness (producer-calibrated and equality-based) and novelty enhancement in recommender systems (code to be released soon)
  • Twitter Sentiment Analysis System: built a lexicon-based engine that performs emotion recognition on Twitter data for my BSc thesis, using Python, Tweepy, NLTK, TextBlob, Plotly, WordCloud (Github)