My main interests are technology, business, and media. I’ve always been fascinated by the power of writing, and most of what I do revolves around it: code, documentation, organization, publishing. You can read my thoughts over at Kleia.

I’m a backend engineer at Blue Reply, working on information processing systems in the banking sector. I also advise companies on business and IT strategy, R&D, and innovation management as a freelance consultant. On the technical side, some of the tools I currently use daily are Python, Java, PHP, Spring, Laravel, Nuxt, Kafka, and Hugo. A few other areas I find intriguing are e-health, wellness, digital media, and intelligent transport.







  • Health Assistant and Monitoring App: created and open-sourced Healti, an app that modernizes the personal health record management experience (Github)
  • Sub-Group Fairness Re-Ranker for RecSys: developed an optimization-based re-ranking system for post-processing fairness and novelty enhancement in recommender systems (paper above)
  • Twitter Sentiment Analysis System: built a lexicon-based engine that analyzes Twitter data’s sentiment for my BSc thesis (Github)